"Connect" to "Being There"


We are a "Teleportation as a Service" Integrator

Teleportation as a Service (TaaS) is a service which makes it possible to provide new type of remote shopping,
sight seeing, education, work and consultation solution by the use of networked IoT devises and
telepresence robots providing a teleportation experience.


Can connect in more various scenes

iPresence iTEMs

Your potential to communicate better will expand.

iPresence Network

Being there without being there

Can fly to anywhere in the world with one touch. This world is just before your eyes.

Research & Development

  • Solution Development

    Solution Development

    iPresence will propose remote presence related solutions based on different customer situations.

  • Web Development

    Web Development

    iPresence will provide remote presence related software and integrate into the customer sites and systems.

  • Applicaion Development

    Applicaion Development

    iPresence proposes remote presence related web application and mobile applicatoin according to the customer environment.

  • Robot Development

    Robot Development

    iPresence develops and provides the remote presence related robots and systems to provide new experiences to the customer.

  • Space Research

    Space Research

    iPresence predicts that remote presence technology will be used in space and space stations and search for new ways to be involved in these projects.

  • AI


    Thinking about how artificial intelligence will be affecting and enriching people's communication and embedding this to our developments.